There are three elements to my commission for Saffron Gardens , knitted birds, hatstands and fabric books. In creating the fabric books I have been gathering imagery and textured fabrics.  The books will be a combination of digital print and embroidery and present images inspired by conversations at Saffron Gardens .  Each printed image is simple and clear with areas embroidered with texture allowing residents to recognise familar imagery but also be encouraged to touch the books providing tactile stimulus.

Eamon O Kane has created tree drawings on wood, one for each of the four trees after which the residential units are named.  These paintings will be placed near to his cabinets.  Each of my fabric books will be hung on the wall and   I have created cover designs for the books which will be digitally printed incorporating Eamons tree drawings.   Although we have not directly collaborated we have been influenced by each other and the work should sit comfortably within the Saffron home environment.

In creating the digital imagery for the book covers I have combined multicultural embroidery patterns (eg  Phulkari embroidery from India) and layered trees and birds also.