In creating fabric books , I have been trying to explore fabrics which encourage touch, memory and feelings of ‘home’. ( wool, flanelette, gingham, cotton, silk ). Edges are stitched in various threads to allow for residents to touch and hold and the size of each book has been carefully considered to allow residents to easily look through and place while seated on their laps.  The books reference both knee and  comfort  blankets.

The books also incorporate digitally printed imagery created as a result of conversations with residents at Saffron Gardens ( flowers , pets and even a few stars such as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe ).

It is hoped the books act not only as tactile surfaces but as visual stimulation also.  Fabrics are both patterned and plain , paying close attention to keeping imagery clear to avoid confusion for dementia patients.  Each fabric chosen can be easily washable and suitable for ironing to save care home staff additional work in maintaining the work over time.  As each book has been made, more ideas have developed. There is plenty to explore in the area of visual and tactile stimulus for those with dementia.