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The first phase of the Napkin Project has now come to an end, but the story continues.

We are developing the project so that care homes, dementia cafes and voluntary groups can run their own Napkin Project to support people living with dementia at minimal or no cost.

The next phase of the project will provide free web-based tools and resources to enable you to run the Napkin Project wherever you are based. We also have ideas for creating a National Napkin Day! And, we will be running a series of creativity and dementia events around the country, showing people how to run The Napkin Project as well as showcasing other creative approaches to supporting people with dementia.

We are currently raising the funds to do this. Please contact us if you can help.

Meanwhile, if you would like to be involved, please email

We will register your interest and keep you informed once the project goes live



19 thoughts on “Get involved

  1. What a beautiful concept. I have just posted a link to this page on the Scrapiana Facebook page and will spread the word to my embroidering friends.

  2. This is a lovely lovely idea and has set me thinking and planning for my napkin immediately – already emailed this to lots of friends who love embroidery and sewing and I’m sure they will pass it on too

  3. my Mum who has dementia like to tear paper napkins up into little bits … that’s about as creative as it gets .. just sayin

  4. Hi Fran. As long as the napkin can be easily washed (they will obviously need to be washed regularly at relatively high temperature) then I think machine embroidery should be fine. I think that applique might suffer from washing, so it might be best to stick to embroidery. Hope that answers your question and thanks for the interest!

  5. Australia is unfortunately too far to send – but if you are desperate to participate, you’d be welcome to source your own napkin and send it on to us anyway! The ones we are using need to be easily washable by the care staff, so are a polyester mix rather than linen. Please pass the link on to any UK friends as well!

  6. Hi Helen. In response to your point above – you’re right of course – people with dementia will respond in different ways – but even tearing up a paper napkin is an outlet for your mum – she’s doing something with her hands, even if that is simply a nervous response. Perhaps if she had an embroidered textile napkin, she might get some stimulation from feeling the details of the embroidery or studying the images on it? You never know!

  7. What a lovely idea! I’m not very good at embroidery (although I am learning) – does it matter? Also, are there examples so I can see what others are doing! Would love to do one, but worry about my lack of skill!


  8. Do not worry, we hope that everyone will have a go, whether they are a complete novice or beginner. We will be updating the blog with images of what people have created as soon as we get them through the door. Have a look at our facebook page and you will see lots of examples.

  9. I shared your link with the quilt shop that I teach at, and they have posted the link on their facebook page.The shop is Quilters Haven in Wickham Market, Suffolk

  10. This is a wonderful idea. Unfortunately I don’t embroider but I do knit and crochet.
    Working recently with some people with dementia, I also noticed how positively they reacted to the colour and texture of yarn.
    It is definitely beneficial. For research on this is a fantastic source.

  11. Really sorry won’t get napkin finished in time. Would like to send in anyway ( by 12th) hope this OK.

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