See all of the finished napkins on flickr

See all of the finished napkins on flickr

Today we have uploaded images of every completed napkin we have received to date. To view the gallery click the link below


When they get older article

The Napkin Project, Willis Newson Arts and Health

Thank you to When they get older  for their piece about The Napkin Project. When they get older is a website dedicated to helping those who support elderly friends and relatives whilst balancing their careers and family lives. 

The Napkin Project Exhibition


On Thursday 12th September please join us for an exhibition of a selection of beautiful individually embroidered napkins at the Wellspring Centre, Beam Street
Barton Hill, Bristol,  BS5 9QY, between 6-8pm.

This is a great opportunity to see the finished napkins before they are given to Saffron Care home. If you missed out creating your own napkin, don’t worry as there will also be the opportunity to have a go at embroidering one the night.

If you are able to attend all we ask that you RSVP by our eventbrite page

Postal delights

Postal delights

We are currently seeing a lot of our postman at Napkin Project HQ, as the napkins head our way in time for the 2nd of September deadline. We are asking that all napkins are returned by this date, so they are in time for the presentation to Saffron Gardens. This napkin is the most recent one to come through the post. We look forward to getting the rest!

To stitch or not to stitch…

We have had a few questions about machine embroidery and appliqué onto napkins. Machine embroidery is fine as long as the napkin remains soft and tactile. It’s best not to appliqué as the napkins will be washed at high temperatures and tumble dried. We want to keep things simple for the staff in the laundry at Saffron gardens. Hand stitch is probably best all round. If you have already started your applique do not worry, one or two will not hurt.


Work in progress

Work in progress

Today at The Napkin Project we were kindly sent a photo of a napkin in progress. It looks great! We also had an email to say another napkin was finished and on it’s way back to us. So keep an eye out for more photos soon!