welcome to the project

a few of the birdsWelcome to the Napkin Project Blog.   I hope to post information on work in progress of my commissioned work for Saffron Gardens home in the lead up to the launch of our Community Napkin Project. We also hope to have a few knitting patterns on line too so as you can get involved in creating yourselves !

I am currently working on fabric books and a flock international birds so the studio is awash with coloured threads and texture .

Exploration of visual and tactile stimulus lead to the development of  fabric ‘sample’ books and a migratory flock of textile birds.  Both of these can travel throughout the space with residents, or be held and touched  by those residents who are less mobile.  The  flock of birds has been created using  soft natural yarns (silk, cotton, angora and wool) and embroidered to provide detail and additional tactile surfaces.  The birds chosen relate to birds from Jamaica, Punjab, Somalia and many other countries relevant to the residents in the Bristol home.

Each hand sized bird combines a variety of colour and texture through knit and stitch . Eacpink finch window sillh creature will be  stuffed with natural wool rather than synthetic stuffing. Sheep wool is a natural, sustainable, renewable, recyclable material that will not endanger the health of people or the environment at Saffron home. It is also fire retardant and  has a higher fire resistance than synthetic stuffing, does not burn, but instead singes away from fire and extinguishes itself .

I am trying to create birds that reference real species and which are humourous  and colourful but are not  reminsicent of childrens toys.  To date I have 6 pigeons, 4 parrots and a collection of species from Jamacia , Asia and Europe. I will be further posting progress over the following weeks !.